Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Mar 29th to Apr 4th

Aloha from Princeville Hawaii!

Happy Easter everyone! This was one busy week, with seven new condo listings, three that found buyers and one that closed. Maybe it was the sunny weather that brought the buyers out, but whatever it was, it’s nice to see activity. Take a look:


283041 CND A 2 4-5-3-6-22-27 FS $1,459,000 Kaiulani #27 2,864 #27 3/3.01
283011 CND A 2 4-5-4-5-27-20 FS $324,995 Hale Honu #10B 1,085 #10B 3/1.01
283040 CND A 3 4-5-4-5-16-7 FS $425,000 Alii Kai #1203 1,085 #1203 2/2.00
282651 CND A 3 4-5-4-5-39-159 FS $525,000 Cliffs #7201 963 #7201 1/2.00
282961 CND A 3 4-5-4-5-24-29 FS $610,000 Nihilani #10B 1,567 #10B 2/2.01
282868 CND A 3 4-5-4-5-39-161 FS $695,000 Cliffs #7203 1,864 #7203 4/4.00
282872 CND A 2 4-5-4-6-1-2 FS $745,000 Villas Of Kamalii #2 1,766 #2 3/3.00


275456 CND C 173 4-5-3-11-1-16 FS $710,000 Villas On The Prince #16 1,732 #16 3/2.01
279508 CND C 45 4-5-3-6-22-64 FS $845,000 Kaiulani # 64 1,738 #64 2/2.01
281500 CND C 17 4-5-4-11-3-14 FS $750,000 Hanalei Bay Resort #C16 1,705 #C16 3/3.00


277794 CND S 670 4-5-4-5-18-31 FS $330,000 Puamana #8D 1,298 #8D 2/2.00
SOLD 3/31/2015 for $325,000 (CNV) DOM 670


280458 CND U 7 4-5-4-15-21-28 FS $360,000 Sandpiper #128 1,042 #128 2/2.00
282893 CND U 4 4-5-4-5-4-14 FS $485,000 Mauna Kai #4 1,498 #4B 2/2.00


273350 CND X 327 4-5-4-5-39-137 FS $629,000 Cliffs #5307 1,137 #5307 2/2.00


275792 CND W 231 4-5-4-5-16-7 FS $460,000 Alii Kai #1203 1,085 #1203 2/2.00


283040 CND A 3 4-5-4-5-16-7 FS $425,000- Alii Kai #1203 1,085 #1203 2/2.00
281663 CND A 38 4-5-4-5-24-61 FS $669,000- Nihilani #21A 1,874 #21A 3/2.01

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:

Kaiulani 27 sold from the developer in 8/07 for $1,652,100 and is now listed for $1.459M. It has been listed quite a bit since the initial purchase, first from 11/07 to 10/08 starting at $1.965M and reducing to $1.850M, from 11/08 to 11/09 starting at $1.850M and reducing to $1.795M, again from 11/09 to 11/10 starting at $1.695M and reducing to $1.6M and finally from 12/10 to 10/11 for $1.480M.

Hale Honu 10B is back on the market with a new lower price of $324,995, since being listed from 6/13 to 12/14, starting at $375K and dropping to $365K. This townhome style condo was purchased for $365K in 9/07 and is now the least expensive 3 bedroom unit in Princeville.

Alii Kai 1203 was withdrawn from the market after 231 days priced at $460K and immediately re-listed for $460K as a bank owned property then adjusted to $425K so you’ll see it under price changes as well as the withdrawn section. The unit sold for $136K in 10/80, and was foreclosed on by the bank in 2/15. The prior listing started in 7/14 priced at $535K, decreasing to $460K by the time it was withdrawn on 4/15.

Cliffs 7201, an end, ocean view condo is now listed for $525K. It sold for $655K in 8/05 and was listed before from 3/11 to 3/12 for $599K and again from 1/14 to 1/15 for $530K.

Nihilani 10B makes its first MLS appearance priced at $610K since selling for $380K from the developer in 2/10.

Returning to the market is Cliffs 7203, a four bedroom unit priced at $695K. The seller purchased this unit in 5/03 for $440K. It was previously listed from 3/14 to 3/15, starting at $758K and reducing to $695K.

Villas of Kamalii 2 is newly listed for $745K. The seller purchased this unit for the very nice price of $655K in 3/13.


Villas on the Prince 16, with a list price of $710K was on the market 173 days and found a buyer this week. The seller purchased this unit for $467,580 in 3/02 from the developer.

Kaiulani 64 found a buyer after only 41 days while priced at $845K. The prior sale was for $590K in 12/11.

Hanalei Bay Resort 4101/02/03 is now in escrow after 13 days priced at $750K. The seller purchased this condo for $250K in 9/98.


Puamana 8D sold for $325K while listed for $330K. This condo sold for $80K in 8/87 as a leasehold unit, converting to fee simple in 10/00 for $35,700.

Under Contract:

Both Sandpiper 128, priced at $360K and Mauna Kai 4B, priced at $485K, moved from contingent to under contract and should be closing soon.


Cliffs 5307 expired while priced at $629K after 327 market days. This unit last sold for $470K in 7/04.


As noted above, Alii Kai 1203 was withdrawn and relisted.

Price Changes:

Nihilani 21A was $675K and is now $669K. The last sale was a short sale for $450K in 6/12.

Now on to your Princeville Single family home update where you’ll see quite a few new listings and one new escrow:


282979 RES A 2 4-5-3-11-34 FS $1,895,000 4080 Aloalii Dr 11,096 sqft 2,794 3/3.01
283007 RES A 4 4-5-4-18-15 FS $789,900 4175 Mahina Pl 10,672 sqft 2,246 3/2.01
282884 RES A 3 4-5-4-23-71 FS $849,500 3784 Mapuana Pl 9,985 sqft 1,857 3/2.01
282774 RES A 2 4-5-4-16-18 FS $880,000 4060 Ka’ahumanu Pl 11,792 sqft 2,364 3/3.00
282326 RES A 5 4-5-4-17-36 FS $925,000 4862 Victoria Lp 9,873 sqft 1,841 3/3.00
283046 RES W 569 4-5-3-12-13 FS $1,450,000 3981 Aloalii Dr 8,261 sqft 3,712 4/4.00


274904 RES C 235 4-5-4-15-13 FS $719,500 3841 Haulani Pl 10,409 sqft 2,016 3/2.00


279766 RES S 46 4-5-4-16-87 FS $849,000 4120 Nalani Ln 11,740 sqft 1,725 3/2.00
SOLD 4/1/2015 for $811,000 (CASH) DOM 46


283046 RES W 569 4-5-3-12-13 FS $1,450,000 3981 Aloalii Dr 8,261 sqft 3,712 4/4.00


280005 RES A 88 4-5-4-21-27 FS $873,000- 4871 Akai Pl 11,486 sqft 1,772 3/2.00
279628 RES A 108 4-5-4-9-35 FS $2,195,000- 4231 Kekuanaoa Ln 13,014 sqft 3,177 3/3.01

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:

4080 Aloalii Drive is listed for $1.895. The last sale was for $1.695M in 3/07.

4175 Mahina Place, which shows a list price of $789,900, is being sold by a national auction house through online bidding. The home is being sold as is and no interior or exterior inspections are allowed. To bid, you must have your agent register you. This home was listed once before from 3/10 to 2/11 for $989K. The last sale was in 2/05 for $850K.

3784 Mapuana Place, priced at $849,500 is now listed since selling for $405K in 4/06. It was listed once before for $895K reducing to $849K from 12/08 to 9/09.

4060 Kaahumanu is a new listing priced at $880K. The prior sale was for $600K in 4/11.

Newly listed since being purchased for $1.039M in 11/07 is 4862 Victoria Loop. This single level home on a quiet side street with a private backyard is an existing vacation rental. It has vaulted ceilings throughout and an open floor plan, along with slate tile throughout, except for Berber carpet in the bedrooms. This home is in immaculate condition, and yes, it is my newest listing!

3981 Aloalii with a price of $1.450M was withdrawn after showing as a new listing for one day. It had been previously listed under a different MLS number which is why it shows with 569 market days. You will see it under the withdrawn portion of the update. The seller purchased this home for $1,729,632 in 7/08.


3841 Haulani Place, priced at $719,500 went into escrow this week. The prior sale was for $775K in 2/07. It had previously shown as withdrawn but apparently some buyer remembered the house and decided they wanted to purchase this home.


4120 Nalani was purchased for $700K in 8/08 and sold for $811K cash while listed for $849K.

As noted under new listings, 3981 Aloalii was withdrawn as soon as it was listed.

Price Changes:

4871 Akai Place made an insignificant reduction, going from $875K to $873K. The purchase price was $860K in 10/05. 4231 Kekuanaoa is now $2.195M, down from $2.395M. The last sale was for $1.617M in 12/14.

March made a valiant effort to meet last year’s numbers, and closed out the month only 7 shy of the goal, posting 80 sales for Mar 15 compared to 87 in Mar 14. However, the Hanalei district numbers, which includess Princeville, saw increases across the board – going from 11 homes sold last Mar to 16 this Mar, from 1 vacant lot sold to 4 sold this Mar and from 2 condo sales up to 7 for Mar 15. Love the North Shore of Kauai!

Year to date we are slightly behind last year which had 230 at the end of Mar 14 while the current number is 206 at the end of Mar 15. Interest rates are still low and if you’re a bargain hunter, there are still short sales and foreclosures to be found (you just have to be patient.)

In addition, there are 37 homes and 72 condos to choose from, ranging in price, for homes, from $699K to $3.995M and for condos, from $295K to $2,399,990. Yes, that is quite a price range and if you need help understanding pricing or how to purchase on Kauai, you know who to ask. Enjoy the rest of your Easter in Paradise, wherever it is!

Aloha Elaine


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