Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Apr 5th to Apr 11th

Aloha from Princeville Kauai!

It’s a perfect Sunday in paradise with cooling breezes along with a good dose of sunshine and clouds. Gotta love it.

The magic number for April is ninety five sales and we are now at eleven. Four condos went into escrow but unless they are cash, they probably won’t contribute to the April Stats given that most escrows are forty five days or longer. As for single family homes, the auction property on Mahina found a buyer in eight days.

Although there were some new escrows, they were far outpaced by the four new condo listing, the two that came back on the market along with four new home listings. All in all, it was a pretty active week. Take a look for yourself:


283347 CND A 1 4-5-3-6-22-14 FS $1,450,000 Kaiulani #14 2,843 #14 3/3.01
283259 CND T 3 4-5-4-5-30-26 FS $485,000 Mauna Kai #T4 1,512 #T4 3/2.01
283177 CND A 4 4-5-4-12-10-22 FS $690,000 Emmalani Court #325 1,456 #325 2/2.00
282625 CND A 4 4-5-4-12-3-15 FS $699,000 Hanalei Bay Villas #15 1,244 #15 2/2.01


283259 CND A 3 4-5-4-5-30-26 FS $485,000 Mauna Kai #T4 1,512 #T4 3/2.01
273350 CND A 328 4-5-4-5-39-137 FS $629,000 Cliffs #5307 1,137 #5307 2/2.00
277962 CND A 176 4-5-4-6-1-6 FS $760,000 Villas Of Kamalii #6 1,761 #6 3/3.00


278394 CND C 159 4-5-3-11-1-13 FS $739,000 Villas On The Prince #13 1,732 #13 3/3.00
275487 CND C 260 4-5-3-6-22-72 FS $859,900 Kaiulani #72 1,892 #72 2/2.01
281640 CND C 46 4-5-4-5-17-32 FS $419,000 Alii Kai #11H 1,037 #11H 2/2.00
282871 CND C 16 4-5-4-5-24-34 FS $560,000 Nihilani #12A 1,406 #12A 2/2.00


280458 CND S 7 4-5-4-15-21-28 FS $360,000 Sandpiper #128 1,042 #128 2/2.00
SOLD 4/9/2015 for $355,000 (CNV) DOM 7


282683 CND T 11 4-5-4-15-21-7 FS $350,000 Sandpiper #107 1,042 #107 2/2.00
283259 CND T 3 4-5-4-5-30-26 FS $485,000 Mauna Kai #T4 1,512 #T4 3/2.01


276121 CND A 233 4-5-3-11-1-32 FS $649,000- Villas On The Prince #32 1,737 #32 3/3.00
281119 CND A 66 4-5-4-5-18-71 FS $399,000- Puamana #20A 1,298 #20A 2/2.00
281438 CND A 59 4-5-4-6-1-59 FS $659,000- Villas Of Kamalii #59 1,766 #59 3/3.00
277962 CND A 176 4-5-4-6-1-6 FS $760,000- Villas Of Kamalii #6 1,761 #6 3/3.00

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:

Kaiulani 14 came on the market for the first time since selling from the developer in 1/08 for $1,724,070 with a list price of $1.450M.

Mauna Kai T4 sold as a bank foreclosure in 8/11 for $310K and came on the market priced at $485K. It was briefly withdrawn, then put back on the market, all in one week.

Emmalani Court 325 is listed for $690K since last selling for $390K in 6/09.

Hanalei Bay Villas 15 is a one owner unit purchased for $127,500 in 2/88 and is now newly listed for $699K.

Back on the Market:

As noted under New Listings, Mauna Kai T4 was briefly withdrawn then put back on the market.

After expiring last week, ocean view third floor Cliffs 5307 is back on the market priced at $629K. It sold for $470Kin 7/04.

Villas of Kamalii 6 shows as back on the market priced at $760K. It last sold for $512,925 in 5/03.


Villas on the Prince 13 is now in escrow priced at $739K. The last sale was for $525K in 4/08.

Kaiulani 72 is priced at $859,900 and found a buyer this week. This beautifully upgraded townhome sold for $857,270 from the developer in 4/07.

Alii Kai 11H sold previously for $78K in 4/87, and is now in escrow with a list price of $419K. This is another one owner condo!

The developers last remaining unit in Nihilani, unit 12A finally went into escrow while priced at $560K.


Sandpiper 128 sold for $355K while listed for $360K. The seller bought this unit in 7/11 as a bank owned property for $214,900.

Temporarily Withdrawn:

Sandpiper 107 was temporarily withdrawn after 11 market days priced at $350K. The previous sale was for $365K in 9/04. As noted above, Mauna Kai T4 was withdrawn after 3 market days.

Price Changes:

Villas on the Prince 32 is now priced at $649K, down from $669K. The prior purchase was for $545K in 2/03.

Puamana 20A reduced to $399K from $424,900 having last sold for $315K in 7/10.

Villas of Kamalii 59 reduced to $659K from $690K. It was purchased for $586K in 4/04. Villas of Kamalii 6 went from $780K to $760K. The last sale was for $512,925 in 5/03 from the developer.

Now on to your Princeville, Kauai single family home update:


283046 RES A 5 4-5-3-12-13 FS $1,450,000 3981 Aloalii Dr 8,261 sqft 3,712 4/4.00
274881 RES A 4 4-5-4-10-4 FS $749,000 4130 Liholiho Rd 9,969 sqft 1,736 3/2.00
282991 RES A 3 4-5-4-18-23 FS $995,000 4691 Emmalani Dr 10,526 sqft 2,229 3/2.01
280073 RES T 0 4-5-4-15-6 FS $649,000 3881 Albert Rd 11,515 sqft 1,272 3/2.00


283046 RES A 5 4-5-3-12-13 FS $1,450,000 3981 Aloalii Dr 8,261 sqft 3,712 4/4.00


283007 RES U 8 4-5-4-18-15 FS $789,900 4175 Mahina Pl 10,672 sqft 2,246 3/2.01


282098 RES W 31 4-5-4-23-39 FS $749,000 3814 Iluna Pl 7,638 sqft 1,510 2/2.00
277118 RES W 202 4-5-4-18-54 FS $945,000 4537 Emmalani Dr 10,603 sqft 1,632 3/2.00
280447 RES W 81 4-5-4-18-23 FS $995,000 4691 Emmalani Dr 10,524 sqft 2,229 3/2.01


275643 RES A 256 4-5-4-24-14 FS $711,000- 4260 Waileia Pl 9,529 sqft 1,632 3/2.00
282326 RES A 12 4-5-4-17-36 FS $875,000- 4862 Victoria Lp 9,873 sqft 1,841 3/3.00

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:

3981 Aloalii, priced at $1.450M appears to be on the market to stay this time. It came on the market last week, then was withdrawn and came back on this week. You’ll also see it under back on the market. This Queen Emma’s Bluffs home sold for $1,729,632 in 7/08.

4130 Lihiliho was purchased by the seller in 10/83 for $145K and this is the first time on the market since that time. It is priced at $749K.

4691 Emmalani Drive was withdrawn and immediately relisted still priced at $995K. This home last sold for $667,500 in 6/03. You’ll also see it under the withdrawn section of this update.

3881 Albert, priced at $649K, shows as temporarily off the market under new listings. I guess the MLS had to show it as active in order to then show it as temporarily withdrawn but whatever the case, the fact is that this home was off the market and that the agent changed brokerages, which is probably what accounted for the unusual entry. It last sold for $745K in 6/05.

Under Contract:

4175 Mahina Place, a bank owned property being sold at auction with a list price of $789,900 went under contract in the record time of only 8 days.


3814 Iluna Place priced at $749K was withdrawn after 31 market days. The sellers bought this home in 2/95 for $230K. 4537 Emmalani priced at $945K left the market after 202 days. The prior sale was for land in 6/93 for $165K. The home was built in 95. As noted above, 4691 Emmalani came off the market and right back on.

Price Changes:

4260 Waileia Place reduced to $711K from $729K and last sold for $665K in 3/07. 4862 Victoria Loop made a price adjustment after only 10 market days, going from $925K to $875. The prior sale price of this home was for $1.039M in 11/07.

This week we had the opportunity to learn more about the new “Hanalei Club” which is what they are calling the forthcoming Princeville development which will be managed by the Discovery Land Company. They already have “Communities” on the Big Island and Maui and Kauai is next in line. This development, which will start with 51 lots from 1 to 7 acres priced from $4M-$13M puts a whole new meaning to the word “exclusive” and “private.”

Their goal is to cater to every whim of their owners so that they can come and just enjoy the Island. They already have rights to a trail to the polo field, they own a house on Anini as well as one in Hanalei by Postcards, along with 800 acres behind it where they plan to create an organic farm. Of course, these properties will be either renovated or rebuilt to the standards expected by their clientele. The Discovery Land representatives stressed that all building would be low impact and would blend in with the environment.

“Outdoor Pursuit Employees” will drive members to whatever activity they wish to participate in – be it horseback riding (they will be privatizing the Princeville Ranch and building an all new stable) paddling, surfing, SUP whatever it is, they will take you, outfit you, teach you (if needed) and return you to your home. They are looking to hire the best in each of the various sports fields.

While this all sounds pretty magical, it’s only magical for a select few. It’s unfortunate that all this money will be put into the Island with great infrastructure, new restaurants, new stables, and so on — but the people of Kauai will have no access to it.

If you want to check them out, you can go to to see their existing “communities.”

If you have questions about this or other Kauai real estate, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m here so you can get the facts before buying or selling.

Aloha Elaine

Amazing clouds made for an equally amazing sunrise.

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