Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Apr 12th to Apr 18th

Aloha from Princeville Kauai!

I hope your week was as beautiful wherever you are as it was here! The sunshine and trades apparently got the buyers out and about as several condos and homes went into escrow, along with several closings. Nice to see activity across the board. Take a look for yourself:


283313 CND A 4 4-5-3-6-22-75 FS $824,900 Kaiulani #75 1,892 #75 2/2.01
283296 CND A 5 4-5-3-6-22-55 FS $1,199,000 Kaiulani #55 2,479 #55 3/3.00


269574 CND C 474 4-5-3-11-1-10 FS $749,000 Villas On The Prince #10 1,732 #10 3/3.00
283347 CND C 8 4-5-3-6-22-14 FS $1,450,000 Kaiulani #14 2,843 #14 3/3.01
277253 CND C 159 4-5-4-5-3-5 FS $295,000 Paniolo #105 1,058 #105 1/2.00
265147 CND C 646 4-5-4-5-24-95 FS $560,000 Nihilani #32B 1,406 #32B 2/2.01


279508 CND S 40 4-5-3-6-22-64 FS $845,000 Kaiulani #64 1,738 #64 2/2.01
SOLD 4/14/2015 for $775,000 (CASH) DOM 40

279363 CND S 13 4-5-4-12-9-13 FS $720,000 Pali Ke Kua #133/134 1,148 #133/‚Äč134 2/2.00
SOLD 4/13/2015 for $710,000 (CASH) DOM 13


282257 CND A 42 4-5-4-5-7-9 FS $298,000- Sealodge #B1 566 #B1 1/1.00
276782 CND A 221 4-5-4-5-17-2 FS $385,000- Alii Kai #8B 1,020 #8B 2/2.00

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:

Kaiulani 75 sold in 4/07 from the developer for $899,400. It was first listed from 1/11 to 1/12 starting at $994K and reducing to $899K, then from 10/13 to 4/14 for $875K and lastly from 9/14 to 3/15 starting at $895K and declining to $849K. It returned to the market this week priced at $824,900.

Kaiulani 55 sold from the developer in 4/13 for $999K and is now newly listed for $1.199M.


Villas on the Prince 10, which has been on the market for 471 days, is now in escrow while priced at $749K. The last sale was for $474,320 in 2/02.

Kaiulani 14 was only on the market for 4 days when it went into escrow with a list price of $1.450M. This townhome sold from the developer in 1/08 for $1,724,070.

Paniolo 105 found a buyer while priced at $295K. The prior sale was for $415K in 7/05.

Nihilani 32B finally went into escrow after 646 market days. The two bedroom unit was listed for $560K and sold previously for $679,295 from the developer in 1/06.


Kaiulani 64 sold for $775K cash while priced at $845K. The prior sale was for $590K in 12/11.

Ocean view Pali Ke Kua 133/134 was purchased for $710K cash while listed for $720K after only 13 market days. The sellers bought this condo in 12/91 for $275K.

Price Changes:

Sealodge B1 reduced to $289K from $310K. The seller bought this condo in 5/11 for $110K. Alii Kai 8B is now $385K down from $399,990. The sale priced was $285K in 6/03.

Now on to your Princeville Kauai single family home update:


283502 RES A 3 4-5-4-18-61 FS $947,000 4178 Kamalani Lane 11,567 sqft 2,322 4/2.01


277390 RES C 199 4-5-4-21-31 FS $775,000 3920 Kaweonui Rd 14,900 sqft 1,986 3/2.01
282884 RES C 17 4-5-4-23-71 FS $849,500 3784 Mapuana Pl 9,985 sqft 1,857 3/2.01


277702 RES S 124 4-5-4-15-10 FS $727,000 3829 Haulani Pl 11,502 sqft 1,873 3/2.00
SOLD 4/14/2015 for $700,000 (1031, CNV) DOM 124

275499 RES S 215 4-5-4-16-72 FS $1,185,000 4436 Emmalani Dr 10,034 sqft 3,444 4/3.00
SOLD 4/16/2015 for $1,085,000 (1031, CNV) DOM 215


267688 RES X 547 4-5-4-9-55 FS $1,449,000 5331 Honoiki Rd 10,689 sqft 2,554 3/3.00


282979 RES A 16 4-5-3-11-34 FS $1,695,000- 4080 Aloalii Dr 11,096 sqft 2,794 3/3.01
277784 RES A 187 4-5-4-16-19 FS $765,000- 4064 Kaahumanu Pl 12,058 sqft 2,274 3/2.00
281416 RES A 65 4-5-4-16-25 FS $1,245,000- 4989 Emmalani Dr 11,744 sqft 2,700 3/2.01
279646 RES A 124 4-5-4-16-84 FS $1,325,000- 4100 Nalani Ln 10,542 sqft 2,643 3/2.02

This information has been supplied by third parties and has not been independently verified by Hawaii Information Service and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

New Listings:

4178 Kamalani Lane is now priced to sell at $947K since being purchased by the sellers for $830K in 8/13.


3920 Kaweonui found a buyer while priced at $775K. This home last sold for $355K in 5/90.

3784 Mapuana Place is in escrow priced at $849,500 after 12 market days. The prior sale was for $405K in 4/06.


38829 Haulani Place closed at $700K while listed for $727K. It was purchased for $257,951 in 2/98.

4436 Emmalani was priced at $1.185M and sold for $1.085M. The prior sale was for $990K in 10/03.

Price Changes:

4080 Aloalii reduced from $1.895M to $1.695M which is exactly what the seller paid for it in 3/07. 4064 Kaahumanu made a strong reduction to $765K, down from $890K. The seller bought this home for $479,900 in 8/11.

4989 Emmalani Drive made a minor price change from $1.250K to $1.245M. The prior sale was for land in 4/84 which sold for $78K. The home was built later in 84. 4100 Nalani Lane reduced from $1.395M to $1.325M since selling for $1.1M in 8/14.

People often ask if I get “rock fever” on Kauai or if I miss the big city. I love Kauai – I love the natural beauty, the pace of life, the climate, the culture – I could go on but I think you get the point. However, for those times when I want something more, a trip to Oahu is just a plane ride away. I enjoy finding a good fare on Island Air and spending a couple of days soaking up some Ala Moana Shopping Center vibes, or seeing a new movie in a state of the art Theatre at Ward Cinemas, experiencing a new restaurant…..

You don’t really need a car to get around if your goal is to experience Honolulu and Waikiki. Oahu has a fabulous and easy to learn bus system. The 19 or 20 takes you to and from the Airport to Waikiki and will drop you off within walking distance of many hotels. Certainly, it stops right in front of Ala Moana Shopping Center and from there you can easily walk to the Ward Center and / or the Ward Cinema. Along the way you’ll find TJMaxx, Nordstroms Rack, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Although these stores are commonplace on the mainland, none of them are on Kauai so it’s always fun to check out someplace new. So if you find yourself feeling restless on Kauai, a quick trip to Oahu could be just the fix you need.

As for real real estate, we’ve posted 43 sales as of today, Sunday, on the way to meeting or exceeding last April’s 95 sales. Questions? You know who to ask. Get the facts before buying or selling. Enjoy your Paradise, whereever it may be.

Aloha Elaine


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